Rhona Strauss | Chef, Mentor, Dynamo!

March 06, 2018
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Rhona Strauss | Chef, Mentor, Dynamo!

Rhona Strauss, our consultant chef made another visit to The Mushara Collection, to mentor our chefs on how to cater for our vegetarian and gluten intolerant guests.

Rhona uses the time here to explain the recipes, and discuss the ideas with our resident chefs, who then get time to prepare the dishes. It feels a little like an episode of Master Chef!

When time is up, the chefs present their interpretation of the recipes. This method encourages our chefs to bring their own flair and pizazz!

In some instances Rhona will re-plate the dishes to demonstrate how better to present these scrummy dishes.

Rhona and the chefs also discussed ideas for the Easter menu, which promises to wow guests visiting during this time.

Marize Pampe, owner of The Mushara Collection, marvels at Rhona’s energy:

“Rhona is very important to us. She is the most hard working and dynamic person I have ever met. She has so much energy and I have no clue how she manages. Nothing is ever a problem. Everything is always possible.”

Our dynamic kitchen team

Here is some of the delicious food that was prepared

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